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AT&T Drops Price Of Motorola Atrix To $99.99

After Motorola Mobility CEO , Sanjay Jha, admitted to marketing problems with both the Motorola Xoom and the Motorola Atrix it appears that AT&T has lowered the price on the dual core beast of a phone to just $99.99

There are also wild rumors that the Atrix is headed to Sprint in the coming weeks as well. This may have fueled the price drop.

As reports, the Motorola Atrix is just about to get fitted with Android 2.3 so it may be the perfect time to go ahead and get one if you’ve been thinking about it. The Atrix features a qHD display, a dual core processor and the ability to dock to the Lapdock and multi-media webtop accessories.

Here’s a link now

Source: Androidcommunity

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