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Army Testing iOS And Android Devices For Combat

The Army has plans to test various forms of iOS and Android devices for use during combat starting next week.

In New Mexico’s White Sand Missile Range and Fort Bliss in Texas is the First Armored Division Second Brigade Combat Team. This team will be testing out different applications that can aid soldiers on the battlefield. These applications can do various things like stream surveillance videos and also connect to remote databases to provide real time information.

so far the Army has invested around $4 million dollars in the creation of 85 applications that could serve a purpose and will began testing these starting Monday. These variety of applications have been developed by both soldiers and third party developers.

According to the WSJ, these applications will serve numerous purposes. One such purpose includes an application than can help give speedy medical care to wound troop members and another one know as “SoldierEyes” that works as a navigation utility that deploys a map letting soldiers easily scan the horizon using Augmented Reality that provides directional markers for targets. There is another possible application for biometrics. This would provide images, fingerprints, and eye scans used for verifying identity. Troops have already use biometric kits to track thought Iraq and Afghanistan, but it would become much useful on a mobile device.

It also seems that the Army is also testing the use of iPads, iPhones, and also various devices that run on the Android platform, however, not every soldier will get either device.

“We want to give people the right phones for the right reasons, not just give them another shiny thing to hang on their equipment carriers,” one of the Army’s project leaders, Michael McCarthy, told the Journal.

Back in April, the Army had announced plans for their own mobile app store,at first featuring 17 Android and 16 iPhone applications that would be intended to help soldiers accomplish Army-related tasks throughout the day.



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