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AOL Dumps CBS Radio For Slacker

Our friends at Slacker Radio had some big news at the beginning of the week. AOL Music has done a total revamp and dumped their partnership with CBS radio in favor of the more music focused and variety driven Slacker Radio.

With this new partnership the AOL Huffington Post Media Group’s AOL Music service will offer less ads, more personalization and premium subscription offerings.  In their previous offering they featured stations owned and programmed by CBS radio which featured full on live dj stations from across the country. AOL Music was basically iheartradio for CBS stations.  Now they are picking up the Slacker music based model.

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One of the things that separates Slacker Radio from the likes of Pandora and Rdio is that their background is actually in terrestrial radio so what you get is professional programmed music mixes with listener assisted personalization and without car lot commercials every 30 minutes.

“Slacker Radio is the perfect partner to significantly increase the quality of our offerings,” said Lisa Namerow, Head of AOL Radio. “By combining AOL Radio’s reach with the success of Slacker in mobile, we are increasing the distribution of our brands and further identifying AOL Radio as a leader in delivering superior radio experiences.”

Jim Cady, CEO of Slacker Radio added, “Aligning our strengths will enable us to expand our reach to greater opportunities across multiple platforms. We are thrilled to work with AOL Radio to continue to improve how music lovers experience radio.”

The newly revamped AOL radio will offer 250 expert programmed stations including content from ABC News and ESPN which Slacker introduced this year.  iPhone users will see the app later this summer and Android users shortly thereafter.

Source: Slacker Radio

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