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Another Samsung Galaxy S II Commercial Hits

Another Samsung Galaxy S II commercial has hit the internet.  This one is touting the Samsung Galaxy S IIs dual core processor.

The Samsung Galaxy S II is widely believed to be THE Android phone for 2011. The folks at Pocketnow, Engadget and many other tech sites have loved the size, functionality and speed in the follow up to the Samsung Galaxy S.

Last summer Samsung released the Samsung Galaxy S as one device internationally and 4 different devices in the United States.  AT&T was supposed to be the first to get a Samsung Galaxy S device last year however T-Mobile bumped their launch up a couple of days to beat AT&T to the gate. The Samsung Vibrant on T-Mobile was the first Galaxy S device launched in the US.  Followed by the Captivate.  The Samsung Epic 4G, believed to be the flagship Samsung Galaxy S device, released third on Sprint.  Finally at the end of the summer the Samsung Fascinate was released on Verizon.

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A few months later Samsung teamed up with T-Mobile again.  This time they launched the Samsung Galaxy S 4G which was equipped for the T-Mobile HSPA+ 4G network.  This midyear entry is widely believed to be the reason that a Samsung Galaxy SII device isn’t being leaked for T-Mobile. We are expecting T-Mobile’s own variant, again a few months later.

Samsung has released the Samsung Galaxy S II internationally where it has sold over 1 million units already.  They still haven’t even set a date for a release party. Samsung Mobile likes having big US launches. Last week we were in New York for the US launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 at Best Buy in Union Square.

As for the commercial itself. We fee that it’s a little too Motorola esque and not hitting the features, advantages and benefits of mid-market “average” consumers.  However we couldn’t help but notice HSPA+ is featured in there which is of course the 4G for both AT&T and T-Mobile

Could this commercial mean we are getting closer to the US launch of the Samsung Galaxy S II?

source: Pocketnow

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