Anonymous is back with a new video, claiming the Revolution is here

Anonymous is back, this time with a new video. A new video stated to be created by the famous group Anonymous has just been posted on YouTube claiming that now is the time to start the “revolution”. The video is a slide show of a bunch of different pictures, including one of Martin Luther King Jr. The normal voice over like all those in there past video is speaking through out explaining why “they” and “you” need to take action. Video inside…

Originally link as a tweet on Twitter by @Anony_Ops

Videos like this, along with @lulzSec earlier today not only setting up a webpage for all there exploits but also stating that they are going to be posting some Sony information later today should have all of us questioning. Not only is when is this enough, but also to what lengths will groups like this go. With the US stating just a couple days ago that either hacks or infiltration of classified information will be considered acts of war. What would stop a group like this or another to spook there location to say Iran and hack back into the FBI to start a war?

Do groups like these who do this for either political reasons, ala the original hack on Sony after they sued GeoHot. Or just because they can when LulzSec brought 2Pac back to life via PBS.

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