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Android Market Now Displays Device Compatibility With Apps

Today while I was surfing the Android Market on my computer, I noticed a small green box under the picture of the application I was viewing. This small green box contained every device I own, and showed me which devices are compatible with the app. Finally, the Android Market has been blessed with a compatibility check for your devices and the app you are viewing. I have tried this on multiple apps, and sure enough, every time I look at an app my compatibility box loads.

Gone are the days of downloading an app and realizing as soon as you try to open it that your device is not supported. Gone are the days where you have to read every word of every app description before you download (although I still recommend this). Google is obviously starting to grasp that with all of the different processors, and phones and tablets out there, this was definitely necessary and has been for quite a while.

This is definitely a handy addition, not only for users but for developers. Until now, developers have had to deal with negative ratings and comments because no one would read that this app isn’t compatible with their device. Now when people are checking out an app, they can already see whether this app is compatible or not, making life easier for everyone. This is currently rolling out in the Market, and I haven’t spoken with anyone who can’t see it after a refresh or two. Check back with TheDroidGuy for more updates on the Market, and be sure to check out our App of the Week, every week.

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