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Amzer Shows Off New Leather/Plastic Hybrid Go Cases For Android & More at CE Week NY

We caught up with our good friends Danny and Pinakin from Amzer at CE Week New York.  We got a chance to shoot some video of two Amzer products that we use every day and then we got a chance to look at their new “Go Cases” which are part leather case, and part plastic.  Well, the case itself is leather and the holster is plastic.

Amzer specializes in making very useful accessories affordable. Amzer’s President Pinaken Dinesh doesn’t over inflate his pricing, explaining to Thedroidguy today that as Amzer customers cycle through cell phones they continue to come back to Amzer for their next case, charger or other accessory. Take a look at their site, where most companies are charging $29.99 and up for cases, Amzer typically charges half, and the prices here on their website aren’t dealer prices you can order anything you want right now.

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The two products that we use every day are the Amzer solar charger and the Amzer Fold-O Universal Tablet Stand.  The Amzer solar charger is a charger that recharges it’s internal battery via solar energy (sunlight) or by plugging into a USB wall charging adapter.  The Solar charger is 3500mah and insures our phones work all day, every day.  It’s $69.95 on Amzer’s website.

The Fold O Universal Tablet Stand, is hard plastic and folds in many many ways to give you the perfect viewing or working angle on a tablet that is any size.  iPads, Galaxy Tabs, 7″, 10″, 8.9″ etc, the Fold O fits them all.

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