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Accessory Spotlight: H2O Amphibix Armband with H2O Surge Headphones

The H2O Amphibix Armband is a great accessory for summer. It is a truly waterproof armband for your cell phone or MP3 player. I’ll admit that I was sceptical at first, who really wants to put their phone in water to make sure it truly is waterpoof, but after several tests I can say that this armband truly i waterproof. It has an airtight lock, and is made completely waterpoof whe you plug in the headphones. As long a you follow the directions, it doesn’t leak, or at least it hasn’t in the 6 times I’ve tried to make it.

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When I first started playing with this product, I thought of it as some thig great for the beach or by the pool where you are afraid of the water getting on your phone, but looking at the specs, it can be submersed up to 12 feet so you can use it even if you are playing in the pool or at a water park and just want to alays have your music around.

It does come with a year warranty for the product, unfortunately this doesn’t cover your phone. My suggestion is, to make sure you have the instructions right, put a piece of paper in it, follo the instructions (which are very simple) and see if the paper gets wet. The headphones have gret sound quality and offer the same one year product warranty. MSRP is  for the Amphibix Armband and  for the Surge Waterproof headphones. You can get them by visiting H2O’s website or by clicking here!

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