17 year old takes down LulzSec and heads to Twitter about it

A 17 year old member “TeaMp0isoN” went to Twitter tonight after defacing one of the members of LulzSec websites to boast about easy it was to not only hack into the site but also deface it. LulzSec has been in the news lately mainly due in part for them going on Twitter to mention the “hacks” they are doing. However earlier today members of LulzSec and TeaMp0isoN started to go at it on Twitter and that quickly escalated into TeaMp0isoN going right after LulzSec on its home turf.

As of now JoePie91s who was outed as being a member of LulzSec in the Tweet blog is still down now. No telling if it was him who took it down or members of TeaMp0isoN who took it down. But we do know from going through the Tweets is you can tell that TeaMp0isoN has had enough of both LulzSec and Anon on their “childish” hacks. Calling both DoS’ing and taking to Twitter to boast about “hacks”

As of now we have yet to hear any response from LulzSec, or members of Anonymous about this break-in. However knowing that TeaMp0isoN members(just 2) where so easily able to do this, would a response from other hackers be wise? Or has TeaMp0isoN just thrown down what not even the US government been able to do and thats stop both LulzSec and Anon members from hacking knowing full well TeaMp0isoN is out there. Bellow is a screen shot of what TeaMp0isoN left on the blog site of JoePie91s, however what you don’t see in this picture is the music video that have playing below the site which is Celine Dion’s music video for the theme to Titanic. Feeling they are trying to send a message that the LulzBoat is going down hard and fast…

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