Windows Phone 7 Android Brings the Experience without the Compromise

If you haven’t seen, used or heard of the Windows Phone 7 experience, then you are missing out on a minimalists dream date. The smoothness and eclectic feel of the Metro UI hasn’t taken the world by storm, but it has definitely influenced the Android community, from font creation all the way to launcher replication.

Now you can essentially convert your phone into a Windows Phone 7 device with the apps created by the WP7Android team on This is shaping up to be a solid replica, and al beit in it’s early stages, presents higher quality than many of the launchers currently on the Android Market. But this isn’t just a launcher, ladies and gentlemen. An excerpt from the sites homepage reads:

WP7Android UI

This project was launched by mobile entusiasts to combine the ultimate mobile experience. The freedom of Android and the grace and elegance of Windows Phone 7. Anyone that has not used Windows Phone 7 is missing out on the sleek and beauty of the OS and the style of the applicaitons. However, on the other hand, those that have used it will also notice the limitations and lack of apps that everyone is used to using.

With the WP7Android applications, you can pick and choose how much WP7 that you want on your device. This is not an all or nothing solution. You can show off your “WP7” device and wow everyone with how much freedome you have and access to ALL of the android applications!

There will be a total of 9 applications in the package that you can chose from.

– Launcher
– Dialer
– Contacts
– Mail
– Message
– Browser
– Camera
– Gallery
– Zune-Player

From the screenshots, you can see this is shaping up to be a high quality replication; and from my dabbling within it’s currently downloadable apps, I can say that this project is taking off onto a well orchestrated path. Be sure to visit the WP7Android site to test the grains of this silky smooth project today.

Chad O’Kelly[Twitter: @CFOKmobile]

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  1. Once a part of the WP7 Android team myself I am now working on a Windows Phone 7/ Metro UI framework for Android. I just released my initial public beta of my calculator app, and more apps are on their way.

    – Tom

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