Walmart Reveals Sony Xperia Play May 26th?

Our friends at have posted a screen shot of the Walmart website that reveals a May 26th launch date for the highly anticipated Sony Xperia Play on Verizon Wireless. If Walmart is to be believed than the first PlayStation certified phone is just around the corner.

Unconfirmed reports from very good sources suggested that the Sony Xperia Play was to be released in late March however Sony experienced some supply chain problems after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

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We’ve had a Sony Xperia Play in house for quite sometime and can’t believe how great a device it is.¬† Overall the experience of playing games with a D-Pad feels much more like a gaming system than a phone.¬† Our favorite games by far are Hockey Nations and Super KO Boxing. Sports games are a total win on the Sony Xperia Play.

As for battery life we’re talking a good all day experience out of an overnight charge. Also, unlike a wave of the most recent phones, the Sony Xperia Play comes stocked full-o-gingerbread.

With Verizon Corporate stores getting their training on it, and reports that even some dealers had training over a month ago, we are pretty confident we’ll see the Sony Xperia Play at the end of the month.

Are you picking one up at the end of the month?

Source: Pocketnow via VZBuzz

Check out our unboxing of the Sony Xperia Play