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Vizio’s First Android Device Clears FCC

At CES 2011 we were privileged enough to get a short briefing on Vizio’s plans for entering the Android marketplace with two devices. We had seen a video commercial with Vizio’s CEO and a reported Android device.  On Monday the gold folks at were able to track down the FCC paperwork on the first of the Vizio devices.

Some of the features of the device include:
4 inch LCD Screen with 854×480 resolution
1ghz processor
4gb of internal memory, microSD slot for up to 32gb of memory
HDMI out.

Today the FCC approved Vizio’s first Android device with the frequencies for AT&T.  It was rumored earlier that the device would come out around $199 and featured some cool new audio video features.

Source: WirelessGoodness

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