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Verizon Wireless Speaks On AT&T/T-Mobile Merger: Inevitable

Lowell McAdam, the second in command at Verizon Communications has finally commented on the proposed AT&T/T-Mobile merger, calling it “inevitable”.

Until now, only Sprint’s CEO Dan Hesse, has really commented on the merger that will make AT&T the nation’s largest wireless carrier.  Hesse has been strongly opposed to the merger since it’s announcement one day before the CTIA convention in Orlando this past March.

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Analysts have speculated that Verizon is in favor of the merger, with a heavy interest in what AT&T may have to divest in order to make the merger happen. It’s no secret that AT&T is using this merger to get more spectrum and go LTE, the way of Verizon. Verizon’s only concern has been that they are worried regulations that may be placed on AT&T may be trickle down to the other carriers.

McAdam has said that he sees three strong companies around in three years. This may be the result of Sprint growing either internally or buying up smaller companies.  Cellular South, which operates off CDMA technology similar to Sprint’s, could be a target, which may be why Cellular South’s CEO Hu Meena has echoed the concerns of Hesse before a congressional committee on the merger last week.

McAdam is the appointed successor of current Verizon Communication’s CEO Ivan Seidenberg.

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