Verizon Wireless Adding Location Data Warning Stickers

While the iPhone and Android fan boys battle it out over who is sending more information back to California, the folks at Verizon Wireless have decided not to sit still and debate the matter any longer. It’s a fact of life that smartphones gather data and send it somewhere to have it do something to enrich your life. Rather than putting themselves in litigation’s way Verizon Wireless is adding warning stickers to iPhones, Android Phones and other smartphones.

Although we’ve been debating this issue back and forth for two weeks now, the warning stickers may have been on Verizon Wireless’ radar since before than.  The stickers are actually part of a response Verizon Wireless has prepared for Representatives; Ed Markey of Massachusetts and Joe Barton of Texas. Both Congressmen have been pioneers in the digital privacy of their constituents.

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All four major US carriers were asked to respond to the Congressmen. While all four admitted to gathering data (which should come as no surprise nor intrusion) Verizon Wireless seems to be the only company getting proactive about it.

The Warning Stickers say:

This device is capable of determining its (and your) physical, geographical location and can associate this location data with other customer information. To limit access to location information by others, refer to the User Guide for Location settings and be cautious when downloading, accessing or using applications and services.”

In regards to customer information Verizon said they store data for up to 7 years, Sprint said they keep data for 3 years and AT&T keeps data anywhere from a few days to five years. T-Mobile did not say.

Markey expressed through his blog site that he was still not satisfied with the carriers.

Source: CNN

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