Verizon Foundation provides 4th grade class Droid guided field trip

Baltimore’s own Red House Run Elementary School took a tour of the Maryland state capital in Annapolis recently.  The tour consisted of colonial walking tours as well as a harbor cruise.  The students were outfitted with Droid devices and teachers were using a mixture of Motorola Xooms or Samsung Galaxy Tabs were able to communicate using an app called Edmodo.  Edmodo allows teachers to post questions, poll students on location, and fact find via the devices.

The trip was initiated by Julie Hartman, a fourth grade teacher, who contacted the Verizon Foundation.  With the help of the Verizon Foundation and Verizon Wireless the students were able to have a fully interactive experience.  Our good friend Russell Holly went along for the ride.  He provides a much more detailed article over at – I highly suggest you check it out.

About the Verizon Foundation:

As the philanthropic arm of Verizon Communications, the Verizon Foundation focuses its technological, financial, and human resources on education and domestic violence prevention. In 2010, it awarded nearly $67 million in grants to nonprofits throughout the nation.   Verizon Wireless and the Verizon Foundation are working collaboratively with school systems and educators nationwide to help create 21st century learners by harnessing the power of wireless technology to enhance student engagement, performance and achievement.

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