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Upcoming Verizon Phones

It seems that Big Red will be adding to their Android line up of 20+ phones and we aren’t even half way through the year yet. From what we have gathered we will be seeing not only one, but two Android phones debuting on May 12th on Verizon and one debuting on the 26th.

The Droid X2, if you rememberer, is a highly anticipated device that will be Verizon’s first device to feature Tegra 2 and according to Droid Life reps are being told to sell the remaining Droid X’s to make room for the upcoming Droid X2.

The next device that we are due to see arrive on Verizon is the LG Revolution. This is the device that is rumored to be the first to come pre-installed with Netflix.

The last Android device that is rumored to launch this month on the 26th is the Sony Xperia. This is also known as the Playstation phone and is sure to be a killer for game play.

So if you are a Verizon subscriber and looking to pick up an Android phone this month you will have three to choose from, hopefully. As soon as we have official conformation we will pass it on. Which one will you go for? Let us know in the comments!


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