Twitter Releases Private Information To British Councillors

Until recently Twitter has never given into pressure to release private data of it’s user base.  Twitter has been protective of usernames, email addresses, geo-location and real names of it’s users.

Twitter has now given into pressure from British Councillors, and released private data of users accused of allegedly made libelous tweets. Twitter users @councillorkhan and @ahmedkhan01 are the user names under investigation and allegedly owned by Ahmed Khan a fellow Councillor in the town of South Tyneside.

Although unclear what the tweets in question actually said it is believed that it’s all part of a plan to reveal the identity of a whistle blower in the town, calling himself Mr. Monkey.  It’s also believed that the damage caused by the tweets and the whistle blower were quite damaging.  The British Councillor’s seeking the identities needed to fly all the way to twitter’s San Francisco office to make the claims.

source: Gizmodo