Trade In Your Old EVO & Get $100 Towards The EVO 3D

Radio Shack is offering one hell of a deal regarding the HTC EVO 3D. At the moment Radio Shack is offering the HTC EVO 3D for the price of $199 on contract of course or you can pick one up off contract for $500. However, as you see from the image they are also offering a awesome deal for owners of the old school EVOs. Now when you take your EVO Shift or your EVO 4G into Radio Shack you can trade them in for a $100 towards your EVO 3D. So obviously if you have an old school EVO you can trade it in for a hundred dollar credit for the EVO 3D and as a bonus if you get it on contract you will only pay $99 for your brand new EVo. Not bad, huh? Of course you can also get the phone off contract for $400 with the credit which isn’t that bad if you have that kind of money to spend.

At the moment their is still no guaranteed release date for the upcoming HTC EVO 3D, however with all the promotions and rumors we could see it soon as by next month. Remember though that is just my guess. But if you are still holding on to either the Shift or EVO 4G hit up a Radio Shack and get yourself some new EVO goodness.


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  1. Not sure I would want to turn in my eminently hackable EVO 4G for the 3D which has an encrypted signature on its bootloader, recovery and kernel.

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