Toshiba’s Newest Android 3.0 Tablet Available For Pre-Order With ‘Thrive’ Name

With all these tablets showing up its not surprising to hear that Toshiba has one up their sleeve. According to Tablets Planet Toshiba has announced their newest upcoming tablet featuring Android 3.0 that is available for pre-order on New York based retailer J&R’s online store.

This newest tablet features a 10 inch display with resolution or 1280X600, two-megapixel camera facing forward, and five-megapixel main camera. Other features include HDMI output, USB, and 720p upscaling. Their are to sizes available, the 8GB model that is going for $449.00 and also a 32GB model that is listed for $579.00. In April there was an earlier listing on the online store Newegg that also mentioned a 16GB model for $499.99 along with the other two models.


Tablets Planet