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Tools We Use: Seesmic For Android! VIDEO

If you’ve been reading Thedroidugy for a while than you know that for the longest time we used Hootsuite for Android as our mobile twitter application. We use Hootsuite on the desktop, but now just about exclusively for scheduling.  Other than scheduling tweets we use Seesmic’s crisp clean desktop app and Seesmic for Android.  This is a big change for us but a welcomed one.

First let’s get into where Hootsuite started letting us down.

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Drilling Down- Because we have such an enormous following and we reciprocate at around 88% I sometimes have to drill down to see what someone is talking about in an @message. Obviously an RT line is easily to follow however sometimes one of our followers may be responding to a tweet from 4+ hours ago or maybe even yesterday. Heck, someone just replied to a tweet I sent them 10 days ago.  Drilling down is important.

On Hootsuite for Android if you click the actual tweet you only see the actual tweet.  In order to drill down I have to click the tweet, then the tweeter and then go to their tweets, find their message to me and then click it. After all that it will show me the conversation thread but not before that.

Seesmic on the other hand, has the conversation thread in every tweet when you click it one time.  The other great thing Seesmic does on the conversation side is if you click the conversation it will show you the entire conversation up to the tweet you clicked on. #winning

Crisper, More Accurate Stats.
It’s probably not something every Hootsuite for Android user has a problem with, however when I click through to my own profile on Hootsuite for Android there is usual a variance of +/- 100 on both following and followers vs what says. So far Seesmic has been dead on.

Hootsuite does do a couple things better though. One of them is if you click a follower or anyone for that matter, on Hootsuite for Android, it will tell you if you’re following that person or not. Seesmic seems to be getting confused on this. Again this may be specific to us or to larger accounts.

Some people are calling me crazy but if I try to drill down on Hootsuite on either the HTC Thunderbolt or the Samsung Droid Charge it force closes. I have had no such 4G/LTE problems with Seesmic. Now last Wednesday when 4G/LTE was down and I had switched to only 3G I didn’t have the problem on the Thunderbolt. I have pinged Hootsuite via email and phone and of course through Twitter over 10 times on this but no response.

Finally Shorcuts
This is the biggest win for any Twitter app ever. Seesmic has a bunch of shortcuts (as you can see in the video). There is an accounts shortcut, a compose shortcut, twitter lists, chatter group, facebook and searches. You can put as many 1 space shortcuts on your homescreen as your heart desires.

The Compose shortcut is the one I use most frequently. If I have something I want to tweet really fast than I can just hit the compose button and speak my mind. It’s about as convenient as the status bar on the Facebook for Android widget. Really it’s Compose> Type> send> DONE that easy.

The next are search shortcuts. I was a little ambivalent at exposing my searches. This was one thing I liked about Hootsuite I could save everything in streams and they were private. Seesmic searches correspond back to twitter searches so you can see them on our profile page. Oh well the search shortcuts make it worth it. I have our team saved, my close personal family members etc so if i tap the button for them instantly the search stream shows up and I can quickly sort through their tweets.

As an added bonus, our apps editor, Elijah, and I visited with Seesmic where we were shown the top-secret Honeycomb version of Seesmic. We can’t tell you much but we can tell you this, Seesmic is redoing Seesmic specifically for Honeycomb utilizing both the resources of the larger screen and the Honeycomb infrastructure itself. Hootsuite works on Honeycomb but it’s just blown up.  Seesmic will be releasing their newest version of Seesmic specifically for Honeycomb very very shortly

For what we do the MOST important apps that we have are for Twitter and Seesmic has totally won us over.

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