The Worst Thing We Saw At Disrupt: Project Zebra

We received the email below on Tuesday morning. That was of course fail number one, go ahead and try and get some time to pitch us on the same day at a major event but that’s not what’s wrong with Project Zebra.

After reading the email and press release below I decided to check it out, it seemed interesting to say the least but I was really curious about how the location based war game would work.  I’m always down for new ways to use social media and gaming.  Now understand that Contract Killer, Deer Hunter, and Big Time Gangster from Glu are my favorite games, this story isnt going to be about violence.

So anyway, I stopped by and met with Barry Scott. Now this is of course an iPhone game but after 2 days of being at TechCrunch Disrupt I’m used to that and most of the iPhone developers are eager to talk to me about coming to Android or finding developers (see story tomorrow)

Project Zebra is exactly what they said a location based war game.  It uses your geo location to find the buildings nearest you. You, through your character ,accumulate guns, tanks, bombs, machine guns etc to take down the building.  Here’s where my enthusiasm turned to disgust, the building on the screen in our demo was Disney World. Disney World really? Can I feel good about accumulating guns and bombs and tanks to take down Disney World. Of course this was for demo purposes only and we weren’t in Orland we are in New York.

When I made that quick assessment hey we are in New York not Orlando Scott asked if I wanted to see local buildings. That’s when it flashed right before my eyes, in less than 4 months we will be commemorating the 10 year anniversary of 9-11, do I want to take down buildings in New York… No

Fail terrorist wanna-be dirtbag.

Dear member of the media,

Project Zebra invites you to go to war at TechCrunch Disrupt today. Check out our live presentation and meet our UK-based company’s founder, Barry Scott, in Startup Alley this Tuesday. For your information, we’re enclosing our latest release below. Also, here’s a link to an interview with Barry that gives you some insight into what Project Zebra is all about:

Thank you for stopping by at our zebra-patterned table and checking out the game.

Project Zebra’s First Appearance in the US – UK-based Company to Showcase its Location-Based War Game Today in Startup Alley at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC

New York City, 5/24/2011. Project Zebra, the UK-based developers and creators of the iPhone game foursqWAR, are celebrating their US premiere today, showcasing their location based game app at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York City. Project Zebra’s founder and lead developer Barry Scott will demonstrate the company’s plans for fast-growing, location-based applications and present the latest version of foursqWAR, a geo-social game that is already seeing great reviews for its iOS version and set for launch on Android, Facebook and HTML5 later this year.

With its presence in the conference’s “Startup Alley” today, Tuesday, May 24th, Project Zebra is looking to raise its international profile amid a booming mobile market. A concentration on products that combine social and location-based, real-world interaction distinguishes Project Zebra from its competitors. Earlier this year, Project Zebra announced an investment (amount undisclosed) and collaboration commitment from Venista Ventures, a Cologne, Germany-based venture capital firm that concentrates on the mobile sector.

In Project Zebra’s game foursqWAR, players take on the role of military tacticians, using virtual troops to battle for real-world locations. The game is currently available on Apple’s App Store.

Project Zebra will be in New York City for all three days of TechCrunch Disrupt NYC 2011, May 23rd through 25th. Individual meetings can be arranged by e-mail to [email protected].

Project Zebra Ltd. is based in London, United Kingdom, and led by founder and CEO Barry Scott, an entrepreneur and iOS development specialist. The company was established with the help of an investment from Cologne, Germany-based Venista Ventures.

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