Texty, Texting someone from your browser has never been so easy

Texty a new company that was brought to my attention via a Lifehackers article, is a great new way to be able to send and receive text’s via your computer. Using your own Android phone number you are able to after installing their Chrome extension not only compose but also receive text’s as well.

The set up is easy, first you download their application on your phone. Allow the permissions it ask, and then download the Chrome extension once you have an account with them. Currently it still under beta testing to work bugs out such as the delay in text’s being received. Or the fact that even after the text was sent to the phone, on there server/extension it still says that it wasn’t. Only until you go back into the main area do you see that it was.

As of writing this the beta request is closed as their 05 May article on Lifehacker brought in well over the original 2,000 beta invites they where doing in as little as 45 minutes. You are still able to sign up for it in hopes they send out more invites by clicking the link below.

I am having issues with sending texts out, but receiving them not so much. When you have Chrome open you’ll get a notification in the bottom right corner with the persons number, and then a link to show the text and then to reply without having to go any further.

Overall I can see this product being highly used by people who can not only have Chrome browser installed on their computers at work but also the ability to install extensions. Also for the indiviuals who don’t use a Google Voice number. Seeing how I use my Google Voice number for all my texts I wouldn’t really use this except for showing people this off who don’t have it.

No word yet on when this product will be out of beta but hopefully the team over there could let us know.

Source: Texty @textysms

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