TechCrunch Disrupt Live: What is Salsa

Aside from a “Facebook” phone made by HTC, Salsa is a new social networking app designed by three freshmen at Stanford Unviersity.

Felipe Munera, Luke Knepper and Bryant Tan are all freshmen this year at Stanford Univesity, alma mater of Sergey Brin and Larry Page.  We caught up with Knepper and Munera at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC 2011 on Tuesday, showing off something that they call Salsa.

Salsa takes social networking and group messaging and mixes them together.  Salsa can be found at . Salsa’s users sign into Salsa with their Facebook accounts and from there can ping friends for a meal or activity. Simply write something like “dinner?” and what time you want to do it and then you can send a group text message to those on their lists and see who will accompany you to dinner.

Once an activity has been set up Salsa makes coordination easy by keeping everyone that is in your group or who has responded to your activity invitation, in sync and together using Salsa’s system.  Salsa responds to a need for people to have more purpose, focus and direction in group messaging and the coordination that it brings.

In all the day 2 Start Up Alley exhibitors, Salsa seemed to have the beginning aspects of a great start up.  Knepper and Munera were manning their Start Up Alley booth while Tan was left back at Stanford to code. Earlier in the day both Paul Graham, of the Y Combinator and Ashton Kutcher said that the founders were equally as important as the start up itself.  These two Stanford freshmen were on point in their presentation and had a forward thinking enthusiasm that was unstoppable.

At one point in the video below, Munera actually suggests that they will be able to show the world what Groupon should really be doing and lead us to believe this new group of Stanford students has some more tricks up their sleeve.  Knepper and Munera also seemed to be the youngest entrepreneurs on Start Up Alley.

Check out the video and then sign up for Salsa, the promo code into their private Beta is in the

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