Taptu Let’s You DJ The News On Your Honeycomb Tablet

The unique news/social media reader app Taptu, has released a new Honeycomb version of their totally awesome news and social media reader app. Taptu allows you to DJ the news by setting up specific news/rss and social media feeds in ways that matter to you. No more having to weed through the clutter go get the things you want out of an e-reader app.

Instead of just porting an iPad version of Taptu over to Android they have actually built it specifically for Honeycomb and than added three features that aren’t on the iPad/iOS version. Those three features are; the ability to select themes which make it easier on the eyes, the ability to read articles on full screen views and the ability to log into your instapaper account and save the story for later.

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We’re not trying to mimic the same features across platforms, but rather we are building the best Android tablet experience from the ground up,” said Mitch Lazar, CEO of Taptu. “After the millions of downloads of our first generation apps on iPhone and Android, we listened to our customers and further analyzed how they want to consume their news, manage their social networks and mix their favorite content sources.”

When creating Taptu they went outside of the development box and actually asked journalists and scientists to give input into what they really want with a news reader app and this is what they’ve got.

We really like how easy it is to customize the entire experience and the different themes make it easier on the eyes to actually process what’s going on in each stream.

Download Taptu today in the Android Market