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T-Mobile Offering $100 Credit For Mother’s Day?

It looks like T-Mobile will be offering a Mother’s Day promotion. However, there is a catch we have yet to know which locations will be offering this promotion or whether it will be a nationwide offer. At this time the details are a little fuzzy.

If you are able to find a location that is offering this sweet Mother’s Day promotion you will be able to get a $100 credit per line for new customers signing up on either an individual or family plan, of course a two year agreement is required as always. There is a slight catch with the family plan however, the $100 credit will only apply to the first two lines any additional lines will not qualify for the credit.

Right now there is yet to be word on which locations will be offering this sweet deal or if it is a nationwide deal, but as soon as there is more information we will be sure to update this story and let you guys know. So make sure you stay tuned.

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