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T-Mobile Introduces New Family and Monthly4G Plans

T-Mobile has recently announced two changes to their monthly and annual plans, both of which are good news. More and more families are starting to have smartphones on multiple lines, making data usage a priority. T-Mobile has just announced that they will be offering new plans to all customers, whether muli-line or single line, which include unlimited talk and text, with 200 MB, 2 GB, 5 GB or 10 GB of data. This can be beneficial to all customers, considering T-Mobile is boasting $350 of savings per person on a two-line annual plan with 2GB of high-speed data and unlimited talk and text and data. Of course, we know these rates are compared to Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T, and T-Mobile has always been known to help customers save money.

Not only are they offering these new annual plans, but they are offering what’s called Monthly4G plans. These plans give those looking for a plan that doesn’t lock you into a contract 4G access. HSPA+ will be available to these monthly users starting at $50 a month with 100MB of high-speed data, and $70 for 5GB of high-speed data. All of you no-contract peeps out there can now rejoice with HSPA+ goodness.

With all of these new plans, T-Mobile is looking better than ever–until we remind ourselves of that AT&T acquisition. Nevertheless, T-Mobile is still going strong with new plans and phones more now than ever, and now several tablets on board including the T-Mobile exclusive G-Slate. These new plans are just giving users more reasons to sign (or not) a contract with T-Mobile.

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