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T-Mobile Double’s 4G Speed In 50 Markets

T-Mobile is still pushing on strong as if nothing is going on behind them. If they do end up getting acquired by AT&T they are going down in a big fiery ball of 4G glory. America’s largest 4G network is now twice as fast in 50 markets.

T-Mobile has switched on the 42mbps HSPA+ portion of their network in some key markets. Although it’s disputable whether or not HSPA+ is in fact true “4G” the ITU caved in late 2010 and declared all of the American carrier versions of “4G” to be “4G”.  The HSPA+ variant that T-Mobile is rolling out, or turning on, now is capable of theoretic speeds of up to 42mbps.

More, including a list of upgrade cities, after the break

The first product designed specifically for the network, the T-Mobile Rocket 3.0 will be available starting tomorrow. It is widely rumored that in lieu of the Samsung Galaxy S II that the other three major US carriers are getting is being developed into a 42mbps HSPA+ device for T-Mobile. We should see more on this in during the middle of the summer.

The markets that have the faster 4Gs are:

Albany, Ga.; Athens, Ga.; Atlanta, Ga.; Auburn, Ala.; Augusta, Ga.; Austin, Texas; Bentonville, Ark.; Boulder, Colo.; Chattanooga, Tenn.; Chicago, Ill.; Dallas, Texas; Deltona-Daytona Beach-Ormond Beach, Fla.; Denver, Colo.; Detroit, Mich.; Durham, N.C.; El Paso, Texas; Fort Collins, Colo.; Gainesville, Fla.; Gainesville, Ga.; Greeley, Colo.; Honolulu, Hawaii; Houston, Texas; Jacksonville, Fla.; Long Island, N.Y.; Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana, Calif.; Macon, Ga.; Mayaguez, Puerto Rico; Miami, Fla.; New Orleans, La.; Oklahoma City, Okla.; Olympia, Wash.; Omaha, Neb.; Oxnard-Thousand Oaks-Ventura, Calif.; Phoenix, Ariz.; Pittsburgh, Pa.; Ponce, Puerto Rico; Portland, Ore.; Salinas, Calif.; San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont, Calif.; San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, Calif.; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Santa Cruz-Watsonville, Calif.; Santa Rosa-Petaluma, Calif.; Savannah, Ga.; Seattle, Wash.; Spokane, Wash.; Tampa, Fla.; Tulsa, Okla.; Valdosta, Ga.; Vallejo-Fairfield, Calif.; Warner Robins, Ga., and Wichita, Kan.

Source: T-Mobile USA

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