T-Mobile Bringing Back Unlimited Wi-Fi Calling For Free

Once upon a time T-Mobile had a wonderful feature for customers. This feature gave customers the ability to make unlimited calls via a Wi-Fi network until one day when the feature was gone. Since then customers have still been able to make Wi-Fi calls, depending on the device of course, but it would still use those precious plan minutes. Well, finally are dreams have been answered and we will be seeing that wonderful feature again.

The lovely T-Mobile is bringing back the wonderful Unlimited Wi-Fi Calling feature, and while this new feature was due to be available on the 11th, it had a small delay until Friday the 13th. Yes, as in tomorrow!

T-Mobile plans on sending out a mass text message to users who have Wi-Fi calling devices to let them know about this new feature. And guess what we haven’t in told you about the bonus surprise! This feature will be FREE!!!

So if you are a T-Mobile customer that has one of the many Wi-Fi capable devices and are a post-paid customer be on alert for a text message from T-Mobile letting you know about this great and wonderfully pleasant free feature that will soon be available.