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T-Mobile and HTC begin to get Sensational

As hinted by T-Mobile’s on their Facebook page earlier tonight about a “Sensational news” has arrived.  TmoNews  has broken the story earlier, that indeed something Sensational is coming, and that is the HTC Sensation on T-Mobile USA

As we’ve all waited to hear “officially” of its release, even though through all the back channels we’ve heard this for a while. T-Mobile will formally announce the phone and its launch on June 15th through official stores. HOWEVER, Walmart pulling a quick one will be selling the phone ahead of that date and will do it on June 12th

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As we all remember this super phone features a 4.3″ qHD display, Android 2.3 and sense. An 8 megapixel back camera which takes 1080p recording as well as a front facing camera. Perfect for when you root this and are finally able to put CM on this to use GTalk Video over 3g/4g.  A 1.2 dual core snapdragon processor as well as being able to run on T-Mobiles 4g network mean that the Sensation is sensationally fast.  With HTC’s recent news of unlocking the bootloader,  could we see this as either the first one with said unlocked bootloader or will the variant which comes to Sprint later on with added 3D as the Evo 3D be the first one?

As begged for, for months by @Zapote21 for a “super” phone on T-Mobile his wish along with the rest of us T-Mobile users finally have not only the phone but release date as well. Sadly this phone wont have NFC so Google’s recent offerings of Google Wallet will have to wait till we get those stickers.

There was also no word yet on pricing although unconfirmed reports have it pegged at $249 with a new 2 year agreement with T-Mobile.  Although T-Mobile is the subject of take-over rumors, should you sign up for a new 2 year agreement with them you will be grandfathered into AT&T under your T-Mobile agreement with minimal risk.

Source: TmoNews

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