SyncSMS the new way to text from your tablet

XDA has in the past been a plethora of innovations when it comes to what you can do to your Android and Windows phone. Such as custom Android Roms from Cyanogen, JF, TheDude and others. To Android applications such as ADW, Launcher Pro to name a few. Now another new and innovative  application has come by the developers name of d0lph1nK1ng called SyncSMS.

The idea is fairly simple yet masterfully done. You install SyncSMS on your tablet, I did on my Xoom. Then install it also on your phone. You then on both devices log into Dropbox or create one and it’ll do the rest. You are then able to send and receive SMS’s from and to your tablet of choice. The idea is fairly simple.

Once registered on both devices it’ll send any and all SMS’s you receive on your phone to a secured storage on your Dropbox then send it to your tablet. You are then and view them on said tablet with-in seconds some times. I did however find an issue when sending a new SMS from the tablet some times as it either sent it out right away or took some time in other instances.

One of the major parts of this application that I really like alot is the UI. I believe that while simple it makes it a vary valuable part of SyncSMS. Its simple enough but doesn’t under perform in the functions it needs to do.

Another aspect that is very welcoming is the developers willingness to answer emails or post in the XDA thread as soon as he can. Not only does he keep an updated log on XDA but also his website which could at times provide very difficult due to the users on XDA being quite questionable at times.

As more applications like this come out, it makes it easier for business users to keep their phone in their desk, bag and just keep their tablet out at work. Currently the only SMS’s you are able to get are one’s from your phone number not Google Voice yet. The application currently is in the market for $2.99 USD and when asked about this model versus going with a free plus ad’s he stated that,

I went with a paid version simply because I did not want to manage two versions of the app. I choose paid over ad-supported because ads can be blocked by using certain apps.

Applications like this and others are proving more reasons that we could simply live with just our tablets by our side and our phones at home if we don’t always need to make phone calls. So make sure to hit the links below and if you are someone who uses the stock SMS and not Google Voice for your texts check this application out as you wont be disappointed.

Website: d0lph1nk1ng XDA

Android Market: Browser Phone