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Streetline Announces The Availability Of Parker To Android

Streetline, Inc is a global provider of smart parking solutions. They provide many different types of parking places from cities, airports to universities and private parking garages. Today, Streetline announced at a press conference in Studio City, California the next generation in smart parking with their ParkerTM application along with enhancements to its iPhone application plus the availability of Parker to Android devices.

Streetline, Inc launched ParkerTM back in December 2010. At that time it was the only real time parking application available. This application provides real time smart parking along with mobile payment options in over 84 locations throughout United States, live garage data, “Park Now” location tracking, and also a payment reminder that also includes a timer with parking history.

Streetline also announced the availability of of their real time guidance information to help find open parking meters and nearby parking garages in Studio City, along with their beta program that is rolling out in the Marina District of San Fransisco.

“The next generation of Parker for iPhone and Android offers amazing new features that make navigating to your next parking spot much faster and easier than ever before,” said Zia Yusuf, CEO of Streetline. “Streetline is a pioneer in modernizing parking, and with this latest release of Parker we’re pleased to reach millions of additional consumers with enhanced guidance, integrated payment options, consumer feedback, and a host of new capabilities – creating the first fully integrated consumer smart parking platform.”

Since the debut of Parker Streetline has rolled out Parker for the iPhone that include six states throughout the United States. These included parts of California, Washington D.C., maryland, New York, Texas and also Utah. the have continued to add more locations regularly and now with this new updated Parker users can now take advantage of not only the iPhone application but also Android devices and many new features.

These new features include the following:

  • Real-time information in select cities to guide consumers to open and available curbside parking spaces—Parker updates automatically when a car is parked or leaves.
  • “Follow me” navigation with native map application to guide consumers to their chosen parking destination.
  • Easy access to rates, hours and time limits for metered, on-street parking where available.
  • Location and key details of garages, including cost, payment options and hours of operation where available.
  • The ability to enter an address within Parker and view parking options nearest to that destination.
  • Set filters to only display parking based on a drivers needs: on-street or garage, and payment options (cash, credit or mobile payment).
  • Mark areas on the Parker map to keep track of where are car is parked (and later get guidance back to their car), set reminders, take a picture of a car and take notes about the location.
  • Parker also saves parking history data for easy access later.
  • Rate and comment on parking locations and set reminders noting great locations.
  • Option to register and pay for parking in participating cities via mobile payment partners Parkmobile and PayByPhone.

During the press conference that was held today Streetline’s CEO Zia Yusuf and L.A. City Council Member Paul Krekorian announced the availability of the Parker for Studio City bringing the smart parking application to residents and visitors of the area. Last December it was L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa and City Council President Eric Garcetti who had joined Mr. Yusuf to debut the application to iPhones in Hollywood, CA and the announcement today has expanded Parker’s reach in real time parking.

President and CEO of Parkermobile USA, Albert Bogaard had stated, “We are pleased to offer Parkmobile’s pay by phone parking solution as part of the Parker smart parking platform. Parkmobile offers Streetline Parker users a new and better way to pay for parking. It’s faster, more convenient and offers a better customer experience, while Parkmobile users will soon be able to access parking guidance to find the best parking spaces.”

According to Interim General of the Los Angeles Department of Transportation had said during the press conference that they were pleased with the results of their first deployment of the application in Hollywood and were excited to be bringing it to residents and visitors to the Studio City. Along with the  release of the application for Android devices.

Streetline is continuing to change the way cities reduce congestion and emissions by tackling one key source. That key source is drivers looking for available parking spots. Experts estimate that close to 30% of urban traffic is caused by people looking for parking and additionally vehicle emissions resulting from the same issue. This was linked to a year long study that found drivers within a 15 block district in L.A. drove an extra 950,000 miles and produced over 730 tons of carbon dioxide along with using over 47,000 gallons of gasoline.

By giving drivers access to real time parking via the parker application motorists can easily and quickly find available parking which will result in a significant decrease in emissions.

The way this application works is by detecting the presence of vehicles through a network of ultra low power wireless sensors that is located within individual parking spaces. By downloading the application drivers can easily access real time parking without the added hassle of searching for that parking spot. With the use of icons drivers can easily tell where there is parking and how much. More than four spaces available shows that there is plenty of parking available, more than two spaces available means some parking, and less than two spaces available means limited parking. The Parker application also provides users with information about parking space time limits, pricing, whether meters take credit cards or coins, as well as static parking data for select locations.

If you are interested in getting Parker the real time parking application below you can find out how.

How to get Parker:

Parker for Android is available for free from the Android Market

Parker for iPhone is available for free from the App Store at

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