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Sprint Launching Another HTC 4G Device

As we all know Sprint has quite a few Android goodies up their sleeves. Not only will we be seeing the upcoming EVO 3D that Sprint showed off at CTIA, but we will also be seeing the HTC Kingdom in the near future.

Kingdom is the code name for this upcoming HTC 4G device and it just happened to pop up out of nowhere like must good phones do. Rumor has it that the Kingdom will have WiMax 4G connectivity but will also be Sprint’s version of the Incredible 2.

The Kingdoms supposed specs sound pretty damn good and are sure to make many Sprint customers happy when its released. The specs include dual cameras ( 1.3 in front and no word on what type of rear camera it has), 720p HD recording capabilities, dual mics for noise cancellation, and is also said to have Wi-Fi Wireless N connectivity along with Bluetooth 3.0 support. From what is already speculated as the specs for this phone it dose sound pretty promising.

While the device is said to be launching with Android 2.3.3, many are assuming that with Google’s latest Android release, 2.3.4, which includes the capabilities of Google Video chat, that the Kingdom will see it around launch time or shortly after. However, only time will tell.

We will be keeping a close eye on any future information available regarding the HTC Kingdom.


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