Sports Fans Get In The Game With The Connect Platform By One Up

After sifting through all the social media aggregators, photo apps, app discovery sites and other start ups all operating out of the same space we found something truly unique and well really freaking cool at TechCrunch Disrupt.

A new company called One Up, that can be found online at, has found a way for sports fans to socially connect and interact with their favorite professional sports games at a new level.  It’s Fantasy sports 2.0.  One Up has developed, Baseball Connect, Football Connect and Soccer Connect. Currently the games will roll out for iOS devices, but as they tell us in the video they just hired an Android developer who will start on Tuesday for a July launch.

See how it works and more after the break

So here’s how it works…

Say you and your buddies are going to see the next Boston RedSox game, sure rooting on your favorite teams is fun but we all know there is a LOT of downtime in a major league baseball game.  Through exclusive partnerships with the MLB and NFL you can actually log into the connect platform, and join an actual live baseball, football or soccer game.

On the screen you’ll see 25 tiles on the left side of the game board that depict the game and team you’ve selected.  The pieces are a mix between players you’ve selected and a variety of things that can happen in an actual game. For example, home runs, pop flys, singles, doubles, triples, grand slams, errors etc.  All of these things, and the players themselves, can get you points as they actually happen during the game. All of this updates in real time.

What makes it even more fun is you can actually see your buddies (or opponents) game boards and you get a limited number of steals. So say your friend has bases loaded and his best hitter up. You notice that GS or Grand Slam is on his board and you know if that happens he’s going to get a ton of points. You can steal that move and when that grand slam happens your buddy is SOL.

You can play with as many friends as you’d like and the game itself has a chat function where you can chat or talk crap to the people playing with you.  You can also do this anywhere you’d like.

Once you become addicted, which you will, the connect platform has customizable push notifications also so you can go shopping or take the kids out and still be part of the action. You can customize the push notifications to tell you when your friend is about to get a big score or that you’re about to loose big time.

One Up’s monetization comes in the fact that you can buy extra tiles, steals etc.

At the end of the game all the participants get points tied with their profile.  You can use the points to get custom uniforms for your avatars, buy new players, upgrade tiles etc.  They are also going to start working with a memorabilia company in Florida so you can use your points to get real jerseys, balls and other sports memorabilia for your favorite teams.

Cool right?  One Up is coming this summer first to iOS but as we said earlier they’ve hired their Android developer and are hoping for a Baseball Connect release for Android by the All Star Game.

This was really one of the coolest games we saw at TechCrunch Disrupt.

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