Skylines Launches Unique Real Time Photo Search Engine For Android, IOS and The Web

A company out of Amsterdam is looking to change the world when it comes to finding relevant real time photos on the internet.  The Skylines photo search engine can be accessed via their website at an Android app or an iPhone app.

So what makes Skylines so different? First off Skylines searches photos posted in real time from, yphoto, twitpic and other similar sites to see what photos people are posting and tagging. From there Skylines allows you to search by topic or by person.  For instance Monday at Disrupt they were demoing skylines by searching for the hashtag #tcdisrupt which showed every photo from any of these sites, posted publicly, with the hashtag.

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Martijn Pannevis, CEO of Skylines. said “There are currently over 1.5 million public pictures shared every day via the Internet in hundreds of ways. Skylines is the only place where people can easily find photos captured in real-time based on their own personal interests and likes, and share them with the world.”

We caught up with Martijn and his Android Developer, Harmen Hofstra as they were leaving for the day, check out our few minutes with Skylines and go download it in the Android Market