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Sideloading of Apps Added On Infuse 4G; AT&T Users Rejoice

For a while now, AT&T customers have had to deal with not being able to sideload applications (download applications that are NOT in the Market) onto their phones. Some people may not understand why this is bad or just don’t care, but for a lot of Android users out there this can be a huge issue, especially if you are trying to root.

The problem became an even bigger issue when Amazon announced their App Store, and said that it wasn’t downloadable from the Market. AT&T and Amazon commented on the issue, it currently isn’t resolved, and AT&T users are left with a website letting them sign up to be notified when they can have access to the Amazon App Store.

However, today at the announcement for Infuse 4G a screenshot was grabbed that shows our solution to all of these problems. In the settings for the Infuse 4G there was the option to enable the downloading of non-Market apps just like any other Android phone. Huzzah! We are still not for sure whether this will be the case on all AT&T phones to come, or what everyone else who purchased a phone before the Infuse 4G is going to do, but this is definitely a start. Whatever happens, Infuse 4G owners will be pleased to get their free app of the day from Amazon, and anything else they please that isn’t on the Market. Check back with for more info and updates on all of this AT&T drama.

Source: Android Central

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