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Sharp’s Global Android Smartphone

Sharp is in the process of preparing to launch their new Aquos smartphone in markets throughout the world. Earlier this month, Sharp had launched all three of the new devices in Japan. All three of the Aquos devices run on the Android operating system.

One of the new devices is a clamshell design and includes a 16mp camera, a display capable of 3D content, along with a mobile digital TV tuner. The other two versions have large screens that take up the entire front of the device, a 3.7 inch display on one while the other one rocks a 4.2 inch display.

Sharp has also include features that integrate into a network living room, an HDMI connector, and support for DLNA.

Sharp is well known Japanese cell phone maker, however they have not had much success outside the area, aside from the Danger/T-mobile Sidekick, and are more well known for their televisions. While the company has not announced any details regarding which countries they plan to launch their new Android based devices besides China, a spokeswoman had said that the company does have plans to luanch in other markets throughout the world.



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