Sense 3.0 is a sight to behold, Especially Fully Working on Your Desire HD!

HTC said it couldn’t be done. People within the “community” salivated over it, but dropped their heads in sadness when they realized they would have to wait for the HTC Sensation. Well no more – XDA-Developers users capychimp and rmk40 have successfully ported, tweaked and scaled the Sense 3.0 ROM to the Desire HD, Inspire 4G, T-Mobile G2 and the Desire Z.  All of these ports are fully working, as far as functionality goes.

There are a few bugs here and there – at times, using my Desire HD, I wasn’t able to make phonecalls or anything of that nature. When I flashed a different ROM, phone functionality returned – but I gather that could be caused by a number of things.

I urge you to check these ports out if you have the any of the supported devices; sense 3.0 is truly a sight to behold!

Click here for the Inspire 4G ROM thread.
and here for the  Desire Z ROM thread.

Chad O’Kelly [twitter: @CFOKmobile]

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