Samsung Cinco De Mayo Launch LiveBlog

[2:15-On the train] As we await the unveiling of Samsung’s device, our fingers are crossed hoping that it is indeed the recent superphone, the Samsung Galaxy S II.It’s about an hour long train ride, so I’ll be chatting with colleagues while waiting to arrive in manhattan .

[4:12] Cocktails are being served, and we await the beggining of the event.

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[4:25] We’re back  up. Jeff Bradley, senior VP speaking about the device being seen at CTIA.

[4:26] Omar Kahn Joins Jeff Bradley on Stage

[4:26] They announce the Samsung Infuse 4G

[4:27] Thinnest phone, at 8.99 millimeters.

[4:27] Omar Kahn returns to the stage. to give more information on the Samsung infuse 4G. he also goes on to say that 7 million pounds of avacado will be consumed today.

[4:28] Super Amoled Plus, 4.5″ Touchscreen, 50% more subpixels than the super amoled screen. Update: 1.2 GHZ processor, 4G, he boasts it is the fastest samsung smartphone to date.

[4:29] Partnered with Rovio to include a special edition of Angry Birds with the device

[4:30] Progressive downloading with the samsung infuse 4g. All of this is inside of a 1.41 gram, 8.99 millimeter device.

[4:31] Jeff Bradley is back on stage. It is the fastest phone that AT&T has offered. HSPDA+ Category 14 data, their fastest. Receiver diversity using dual antennas.

[4:32] This device will be the lead product in advertising, a flagship device. It will go on sale may 15th, $199 on contract, no rebate.

[4:35] The announcement has concluded.

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