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Samsung Announces Grand Prize Winner of T-Mobile Sidekick 4G “Kick it with the Band”

Samsung Mobile is one of the leading mobile phone providers in the United Sates and today the announced the results of their T-Mobile Sidekick 4G “Kick it with the Band contest. This contest was designed to highlight some of the best undiscovered music talent on the verge of stardom here in the country. With all the excitement and success that came from this contest Samsung had decided to award all nine of the participating artists and groups with a marketing budget based on their rank to help them achieve their music dreams.

In honor of the new T-Mobile Sidekick 4G Samsung asked the question “Can the new T-Mobile Sidekick 4G bring a band fame and fortune?” To find out the answer to this question Samsung employees traveled across the United States to “kick it” with nine different talented musical acts whose dreams included success in the music business. Samsung gave each one of these nine participants a Sidekick 4G and challenged them to use the device as creatively as the could to promote their music via social networks. These include posting photos, videos, audio clips to the Sidekick 4G “Kick it with the Band” Facebook page. On the 1st of May the polls were opened for voting to begin and Facebook fans were able to cast their vote for their favorite artist and the one they felt deserved a chance a stardom.

The winner and top ranked Sidekick 4G champion is none opther than 18 year old Jake Miller from Weston, FL. Along with winning marketing budgets, Samsung also announced that Jake and runner-up Thomas Fiss will be appearing in a special music video so Facebook fans can stay tuned to the site for more details about this upcoming music video.

To read more about Samsung’s Kick it with the Band and to see upcoming footage you can head to their Facebook page.


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