Rumor: Ice Cream Sandwich – the chosen CPU? Texas Instuments

Due to our already heavy travel schedule we were unfortunately not on  hand at Computex so we must rely on sources that we trust.  As I write this our good friend Sylvie Barak has quite the scoop from Taipei.  She’s got a pair of articles on RCR Wireless regarding Google’s new BFF.  Texas Instruments Omap 4 is reportedly the chosen CPU for the upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich.

“TI are just so relaible,” said their source, “If they say they’ll have something done by Tuesday, it’s done on Tuesday, and it’s done right,” he added.  Even more damaging statements were made in the later article, including this choice quote, ‘“Nvidia seems to have run out of steam, lacks engineers and has come up against a bit of an innovation wall,” our source went on, saying he wouldn’t be surprised if the firm’s CEO, Jen Hsun Huang allowed his firm to be bought by a bigger company sometime in the near future.’

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I don’t know if this is a single source or several, which is why I’ve chosen to put the rumor tag on this piece.  If Computex were not happening right now I would have been willing to bet the video of “Glowball” had been released in response.

Source: RCR Wireless Unplugged: 1 & 2

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