[Review] Trident Aegis Case for MyTouch4g

First off I want to say thank you once again to Breffo who provided me with their tablet spider which is being used as a tripod to hold the Xoom which is recording this. Trident was nice enough to send me one of their cases for the MyTouch4g called “Aegis”. My first impressions was who ever created the color scheme was either drunk or high, why have it blue and random places black. But after going through it, it makes perfect sense. The black areas of either for something that interacts with the phone or a harder protective area like the corners of the phone. This is great as most times atlest when I drop my phone its on the corner and now its protected a whole lot better. Overall while it does had some size to the phone at lest to me it doesn’t detract for the overall feel.

More inside…

Its feels like Teflon rubber which is nice so as it wont slip out of your hands. The product not only comes with a case, but also a protective screen as well as a cloth screen cleaner and instructions. Its made out of a hard polycarbonate shell which is great for impacts. One the back instead of just being flat does have a curve to it so it feels better for the hand while holding it. While the case I received is one for the MyTouch this series does have other ones for the HTC Inspire 4g as well as the HTC Thunderbolt.

Call quality doesn’t take a hit with the case on as I’ve verified that their is no drop in it. I am actually very satisfied with this case. While I’m not one for ever use a case I can actually see me using this for some time. The nice part is the “blue” and the black parts can come apart thus making it so you can buy more and have it match what you are wearing.(Sorry I’m from LA we ALWAYS have to match) This is a product I would have no problems with putting my name behind and endorsing.

Website: Trident @TridentCase

Tripod holder for Xoom: Breffo @breffoInc

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