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Quick Look: Samsung Replenish On Sprint

It’s not too often that we get excited about a mid-range Android device however the Samsung Replenish is one of those rare instances.  Three things stick out for us first, it’s made by Samsung.  Second is that it’s eco-friendly.  Third is that it’s a candy bar with a qwerty keyboard placed permanently below the 2.8″ display.

After Samsung’s original balk at Andy Rubin’s pitch back in the beginning of Android, they’ve really gotten behind Android and have released more Android devices than any other manufacturer.  They’ve also covered the whole eco-system from affordable to superphone. The Samsung Replenish fits in the mid-range category.

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The Samsung Replenish is eco-friendly. It comes in a box made totally of post consumer recyclables.  The printing for the box and manual is all done in soy based ink. It has an energy efficient charger with an LED that indicates when the phone is fully charged. The casing for the phone is made up of 34.6 percent post consumer recycled plastic content. They even throw in a post paid envelope to recycle your old phone.

The keyboard, is a favorite for me personally as I am a big fan of Blackberry style keyboards. Heck everyone used something before Android right?  Although many Blackberry users refuse to defect to Android (although its a far superior product) because they say they don’t want to lose BBM, many stay with Blackberry because they can type by feel and not by sight.  This makes a candy bar qwerty phone very appealing.

The Samsung Replenish rounds out with a 2.8″ screen, 2mp camera, 600 mhz processor and Android 2.2. It’s a great entry level and mid-range phone. It’s a great phone for Blackberry adopters. It’s definitely great for those environmentally conscious.

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