Poll: Google One Of The Most Reputable Companies In The USA

Research firm Harris Interactive has conducted a poll with more than 30,000 respondents ranking the 60 most visible companies in America on 20 different attributes.  The study in it’s 12th year is called the Harris Interactive RQ Study.  Overall the study revealed that corporate America’ reputation is improving.

In the 2011 survey 16 companies scored over 80 while in 2010 that number was just 6.

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Google ranked highest out of the 60 companies. Johnson & Johnson came in 2nd place while Apple continues to climb but only reached the number 5 spot.

Google Vice President of Consumer Marketing Gary Briggs reacted to the news. “We have always believed that if we focus on making the best products for our users all else will follow. We’re honored to be recognized in this ranking and we will continue to put our users first.”

Although most analysts point to an all out war fueling between Google and Facebook, in this study Facebook only ranked 31st in this, their first appearance in the poll. Rounding out the top 10 in the tech category were Intel at number 6 and Amazon at number 8.

All of the 60 companies were ranked in 6 key areas which are: Social Responsibilty, Emotional Appeal, Financial Performance, Products & Services, Vision and Leadership, and Workplace Environment. Google ranked number 1 in Financial Performance as well as Workplace Environment.

Source: Harris Interactive via Mashable

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