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PlayBook gets a tablet friendly version of Facebook before Android or iPad

Have you ever heard the saying – Quality over quantity?  Seeing as the PlayBook launched two weeks ago lacking almost every modern tool for communicating with others.  Shipping without access to contacts, messaging, email, calendar, or even an official twitter app, it comes as a bit of surprise that the first big native app announced happens to be Facebook.  According to Tom Goguen, VP, Collaboration and Social Networking at Research In Motion, “There are over 30 million users of our Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones app who are staying in touch with their social network while on the go.”

I find it very interesting that the first big announcement from BlackBerry World is this Facebook app.  This is the first tablet optimized Facebook app, something that has been sorely missing from the Android ecosystem.  I have been very disappointed with the status of Facebook for Android on tablets.  It was an absolute joke on the Xoom when I had it, and isn’t much better on my Nook Color (as you can see below).  Even with a number of recent updates – an update to fix the update to fix the first update – “the Facebook” has seemingly ignored the tablet space on Android.  Although it could be worse…we at least have Facebook available to be used on all Android devices, including tablets.  The iPad(s) are both missing native Facebook apps.  Mark Zuckerberg responded to Mashable last year when asked about an app for the iPad. “The iPad’s not mobile,” he said. “It’s not mobile, it’s a computer.”

RIM also announced the BlackBerry PlayBook Video Chat app (I hope that’s not it’s official name).  While at CTIA we covered Jim Cramer’s death match with the top three wireless companies (T-Mobile was dropped due to the news), when he asked what the next “texting” was.  All three of the CEO’s agreed: Video Chat.  There are also rumors that an email, calendar, or even the ability to access your contacts might be announced later this week.

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