Play Pass, One Of The Coolest Ideas That We Found At TechCrunch Disrupt

Play Pass is a really cool browser plug in that allows you to win “discounts” off products at some of the biggest names on the internet.  Right out of the gate we thought the same thing that you’re thinking right now, big banner ads that say “Win Win Win” and want you to try 15 offers to get something free… NOPE

See How It Works After The Break

Play Pass works like this:

First you go to and download the browser plug-in. No worries the browser plugin doesnt have any spam ads or anything like that.

Next you go to one of the Play Pass partner sites, currently it’s just Amazon but they are adding Best Buy, Target and shortly.

Pick the product you want. For our demo video we used a Nook.

Pick the game you want.

Play the game, and play well, if you play like a chump you’ll only get chump change. The higher your score the better your discount.

After you have played your game it instantly translates to a discount off the product you selected. After 5 minutes of playing a bubble pop game I had won enough points for a $16.00 discount. It’s that easy and it’s not a scam.

Check out the video below:

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