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Pizza Hut Launches Android and iPad App

During a digital press conference that was held today, Pizza Hut had announced the launch of their new applications for iPad and Android devices adding to the company’s digital portfolio.

The new features add to the existing iPhone ordering application that was launched back in 2009. Pizza Hut is said to be the first pizza chain to launch an ordering application, which in turn has boosted the company’s sales by more than one million in the first three months.

The new iPad application will give customers the ability to tab, drag, drop and use all of the new features of the device, including GPS to find the nearest Pizza Hut location.

The application also presents all of the menu options available, can be added to a cart, and offers the chance to see the final creation virtually before placing the order. Upon checkout, customers can submit their first and last name, phone number and email address. Their personal information and orders will in turn be remembered for future orders.

Pizza Hut also took suggestions from customers to better improve their two year old application for the iPhone. It now better serves customers along with being able to re-order a pizza through the guest pad which helps prevent the need to create an account.

Besides all the improvments to the iPhone application, Pizza Hut also introduced their new Android application.

According to Concors, “It didn’t stop there. We listened to our consumers who demanded an app for each of their smartphones, so we’re releasing one for the Android. The functionality is similar to the iPhone, with tilting, dragging and dropping, and ease of use. With the iPad, iPhone and Android, we now have more points of access than any other international pizza chain and are one of the most accessible brands.”

Pizza Hut also is anticipating a mobile 7 platform launch later on this year, along with a completely redesigned mobile website.

Pizza Hut anticipates a mobile 7 platform launch later this year and a completely redesigned mobile website.

Pizza Hut does not release financial records, however it seems that the company is very happy with the results that they have had thus far, along with adding in the fact that customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive throughout everything.

There has been over three million downloads to date and customers like how easy it is to order using mobile phones.

Pizza Hut expects the mobile space to be the primary growth channel for them within the next 12-18 months due to the speed at which people are adopting to the ease of use and functionality.

Also according to Concors, there will be specials created exclusively for the mobile customer base. The iPad, iPhone and Android apps are all available as of today.


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