PayPal/Ebay Sue Google Over Google Wallet On Day 1

From the wow that didn’t take long category, Paypal and their parent company Ebay have sued Google in a California Court over Google’s new Google Wallet service.  Google Wallet was announced Thursday morning in New York and moments after Paypal filed their lawsuit.

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Google lured executive Osama Bedier away from Paypal earlier this year. During that time Google was in negotiations to use paypal for payments in the Android Market which never came to fruition. Google continues to use the far less popular Google Checkout along with carrier billing from T-Mobile, AT&T and recently announced Sprint to pay for app purchases.

The lawsuit alleges that Bedier shared trade secrets from Paypal with Google.  It goes on to allege that Google used some of those trade secrets in their Google Wallet service which was announced today.  Although Google stands alone in this lawsuit, Google Wallet is a partnership between Google, Sprint, First Data, Citi and Mastercard.

source: Associated Press

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