PayPal Updated, Scan Checks Using Your Camera

If you are like me and many others, PayPal is a life saver and their application for Android is pretty nice. Recently, PayPal has updated their application and added a new feature for us PayPal users.

Right now there are many options available within PayPal, buy from almost anywhere, send money, receive money, view balances, and many many other features. While the PayPal app already does the majority of those features, they still decided to add one more for us PayPal lovers.

Starting today users can now deposit checks via the application. How you my ask? It is actually pretty simple just snap a picture with your camera and you are basically good to go. Cool isn’t it?

While iPhone users have had this option since the end of last year it is still nice for us Android users to be able to do the same. Also PayPal added the option to move the app to the sd card which is sure to make many users happy.