Nielsen Says: Only 5% Of U.S. Owns A Tablet

Tablets are the hip new tech toy at this moment, however, not as many people as you think own one. According to Nielsen’s most recent poll only five percent of  the 12,000 owners in the United States polled own a tablet at this moment. However, OEMs are still trying to rush ahead to beat the competition.

This number is even smaller in smaller markets, an example is UK TMT Research. According to Paul Lee approximatively one out of every 60 people own a tablet which is only 1.7%. While these are not the numbers that many of us thought we would see do to the talk surrounding tablets. What is even more shocking is the fact that tablets are behind every other wireless device.

It is not all bad news for tablet makers however. Apple at least is doing especially well and currently holds 80 percent of the tablet market. While that may not be good news for Android based tablets it still gives them a shot at taking over the tablet market with 95% of Americans still waiting to get their hands on one.

The five percent of Americans that do hold on to a tablet are definitely attractive to marketing companies. On average must tablet owners watch more videos, read more books, and are also more open towards advertising than those who have a smartphone.

With tablets still being fairly new it will more than likely take time for the craze to take hold and with more and more tablets being released we could see a skyrocket in the number of owners next time a poll is taken. at this moment only time will tell however.


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