Next time you go out, make sure to getDrunker

Thats right, the popular Apple iOS application has now come to Android thanks to Hans Wee. GetDrunker is a popular iOS app where you choose different bottles, fruits, or juices and it’ll give you a list of what drinks those make.

The application is VERY easy to use, two to four clicks and you can have your self a Caramel Apple or a Flamingo Punch. Sadly to say I can’t find any flaming orgasms here. However the list of drinks is enormous as I keep finding my self trying different combinations to see what I can make.

As you can see once we clicked on Flamingo Punch it’ll take us to that page and not only show us the pictures of what it takes to make it. But also the ingredients as to what goes in it and how much.

Sadly instead of finding drinks that would taste good, I keep trying to find drinks that no pun intended but would get me drunker.

This application is currently in the Android market for .99 USD and only requires Android versions 1.5 and up. So make sure to head to the Android market, pick up the app before you go out and make sure to getDrunker 😉 Also we don’t condone drinking and driving so make sure to get a DD for when you go out.

Source: Android Market

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